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Diesel Truck Repair

When it comes to diesel engines, it takes more knowledge of how the engine was designed to operate, than a gasoline fueled engine. Diesel engines have been around since their invention in 1890 but it wasn’t until the early 1990’s when they started to change and become more complicated. During this time the government started to mandate emissions regulations. Just about every problem with a diesel engine can some how be linked back to an emissions issue.

Why is any of this important? Most shops and most mechanics knowledge is based off of the old design of the diesel engine before emissions. Without proper knowledge of the emissions systems on today’s diesels will result in misdiagnosing and improper repair of the vehicle. Something as simple and putting the wrong coolant in a diesel engine could cause a catastrophic failure. Most manufacturers have come out with their own specifications of oil, coolant, DPF fluid, and diesel fuel additive just to ensure you get the most out of your diesel engine.

Why should you bring your diesel vehicle Essex County Auto Repair? We dedicate ourselves to getting training that goes above and beyond what most dealer trained technicians receive. We attend monthly training to make sure we are up to date with the latest and greatest ways to properly maintain and fix your vehicle.

Of all the diesel engines out there. We take special interest in the service of the Ford Powerstroke engine. Years of extensive training and tool buying have led us to being able to have a better understanding and more reliable repair process than the dealership does. In fact we work very close with many of the local dealers. We own a Ford Factory scan tool so there are no limits to what we can do with a ford vehicle. How does this help you ? Because we do everything in house , there are no “middle man” up charges that most shops charge to sub out the work to other people. Give us a call and see what we can do for you.

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