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Brake Repair

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Brakes can squeak for a variety of reasons, but continuous squeal & grinding sounds may mean it’s time for new brake pads or shoes. Worn brakes can even mean longer stopping distances and difficulty stopping in a emergency situation. Rotors & drums that are too thin May even become stressed and break.
Brakes rarely fail suddenly. They deteriorate slowly with wear. Brake life depends on many factors such as terrain, city vs. country travel, driving style, even climate. Brakes are a normal wear and tear item for any car, with heavy emphasis on the wear. Eventually your brake system parts are going to need replacement for performance & safety reasons.
Brakes are important and regular service is advised. You should inspect brakes every 5,000 miles for basic pad wear and replace disc pads when there is 2 mm or ⅛ of a inch of friction material remaining on the backing plate. Do not let brake pads wear down farther than this or you may suffer brake fade and brake failure making your next brake repair costly.
ABS Brakeshave become standard if you own a newer vehicle. If your indicator light comes on or you are having trouble with steering when you slow down these could be clear indicators that you are having a problem and should call us as soon as possible.
Brakes are the primary feature which allows you to avoid accidents. They are a critical part of any car for both safety & performance. Brakes are the most important active safety of a care and one of its key pieces.
At Essex County Auto Repair we treat you like family and when it comes to brake service & brake repair,
we will do all that we can to help you and your family remain safe.

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