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Things Are Going To Get Really, Really Hard

The automotive industry is drastically changing. For example, new Ford trucks have over 150
million lines of code in the different computers throughout the vehicle. Connecting everything is
well over a mile of wiring.

You may have already realized just how sophisticated your vehicle has become or maybe you
haven’t. You probably haven’t noticed that your vehicle comes with a whole host of mechanical
doodads that are designed to squeeze out 1 extra MPG or 1 extra horsepower.

This is on top of the gadgetry put in to connect your car to the internet, to your phone, to stop on
its own, to steer itself, and to keep you safe in case of an accident.

Why am I telling you this?

Not everyone is set up to handle servicing what you are driving. That’s one reason we’ve started
this blog. To keep you informed.

The right information is extremely powerful.

We’ve committed to having the right people, the right training, and the right equipment to handle
anything and everything that we’ll see now and in the future.

For you, it’ll mean knowing what is a wise investment of your hard earned dollars and what is
simply a waste of money.

That’s empowerment and peace of mind.

All from a blog by your friendly local auto repair shop.

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